Memories For The Future

Our Pricing

Bring your dreams to life with our flexible pricing models

Our service is highly personalized, and each customer's desires and experiences are different. Because of this, we strive to keep our pricing flexible. We accomodate your budget and can tailor your experience accordingly. We will develop a customized quote for you based on your wishes for your project. 

In order to allow for projects that are brief, in-depth, and everything in between, we charge $75 per hour of time spent working on the project. Typically, our interviews last 1 hour, and each hour of interview will require 4 hours of processing time afterwards, which represents a total of $375 per hour of interview.

If you would like your project to include photographs, you can expect for it to take us about one hour to integrate 20 photographs. This may change if you desire a more advanced design.

The cost associated with the creation of each of our products is different and can depend on the desired quality of the finished product. For example, a book with high-quality, full color printing on heavy weight paper will cost more than a matte black and white book on normal paper. The choice of materials and printing quality is entirely yours.  

Estimates of pricing for our products are as follows. Please note that the prices below are in addition to the cost of time spent working on the project, as detailed above. 

Audio Recording ~ $10
Book ~ $15-60
Special Event Book and Photo Album ~ $45-70
Portrait ~ $50-75