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Tell your story with our unique, high-quality products

Every person's story is unique, and so is the creative process behind each of our products. We are committed to helping you tell your story through our high-quality creations. Our products are tailored to your specific timetable, budget and aspiration. Every detail is personalized to fit your story and we collaborate with you to ensure that you are delighted with the end result. ​
Audio Recording
Over the course of our interviews, we will record you telling your stories. To create this unique product, we edit the audio recordings of our interviews and compile them onto a disk, so that you and your family can listen as you tell your story. This option is lower cost and is still an authentic way to capture your memories. 
If a book is what you are looking for, we will transcribe your memories and stories and set them down on paper. Our books are professionally laid out and can even include photographs. We will edit your content however much you decide, while ensuring that the narrative stays true to your voice. Preserving your memories in one of our books is an amazing way to pass them on to your family. We make the process easy and the end result looks fabulous.​
Special Event Book
Add a highly personal touch to your gift for the lucky couple or the grandchild soon to be born. Our Special Event Books are perfect gifts for weddings, anniversaries, christenings, graduations and birthdays, among many others significant milestones. They can include family messages,  letters and photographs as well as stories and memories.
Photo Album
How many times have you moved that box of old photographs you inherited from your parents or your grandparents? Now is the time to get it out one final time and arrange those photographs in a significant way, including captions and possibly some stories as well!
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You may choose to include a customized portrait by local commission artist Renee McGee in your book, special event book, or photo album. First select a medium and a size for the portrait, and send us your specifications along with a reference picture and a brief description of your desired artwork. Our talented partner will create a unique portrait for you to keep, and we will include a professionally scanned image of the portrait in your product. 

All sizes and mediums included below will come at a cost of $50 per portrait, with the exception of a portrait in oil on canvas, which costs $75. Any commission in a size not listed may be negotiated with the artist.

Sizes, in inches:  6x6,   5x7,   8x10,  11x14,   14x17

Dry media:
  • graphite
  • grayscale or sepia-scale coloured pencil or pastel
  • charcoal
  • pen-and-ink
Wet media:
  • watercolor on paper
  • acrylic on canvas
  • oil on canvas
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