Memories For The Future

1. Before we meet

In order to optimize our face to face time, we will be sending you a questionnaire focused on your family genealogy, dates and preliminary questions for you to reflect on. This will help you recollect the stories you wish to tell.

2. Interview

​This is the fun part! As many times as you wish, depending on the product you select, we record your stories, either in person or via FaceTime or Skype. Our interviews are designed to help you recall the memories you wish to share and make it a fun experience for you.

3. Creation and Editing

It is now our turn to be creative and pull your stories, photos and other material into the product of your choice. We will consult you for editing, and ensure that you are satisfied with progress as we go. ​​

4. Production

Once you are completely satisfied with the final draft of your product, we will liaise with you to determine your preference with regards to the appearance of your product. We will then work with our printers to ensure your wishes are satisfied.